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Five fitness trends in 2019


The fitness industry has changed in the past years and it will change in the next year too. We are going to show you five fitness trends in 2019.

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1. HIIT will get more popular

HIIT- High-Intensity Interval Training-will get more popular in 2019. A lot of fitness studios have already created hybrid courses, for example, yoga-HIIT courses.

The workouts will be shorter because, in the opinion of some experts, 15 minutes is enough to improve the health and fitness. The requirement for that is, the workout should have the right intensity and should be at the right time.

2. Virtual reality at home

virtual reality

Virtual reality home exercises, equipment, etc. will outplace the normal workouts. The reason for that is, that new internet tools and apps will make the workout funnier and like a game.

It already exists a few apps for multiplayer gaming but this market will increase sharply. The best example is the interactive home gym mirror.

It uses your personal fitness profile and biometric to optimize your workout day by day. From yoga to running, the possibilities are unlimited.

3. Sleep and recovery

Fitness tracker to track heart rate, sleep, calories etc.

The sleep and recovery market will get bigger and more important. New apps and new fitness trackers* which can not only track hours but also your sleep habits, and REM cycles, will come up. Therefore the supplement market will offer more products, which help us to get a better sleep* and to recover faster. If your sleep is out of order then it is nearly impossible to lose weight or to increase the weights in the gym.

4. Supplement market will boom

Especially, one niche will get bigger: the gut-health niche. Kombucha* and plant-based supplement will get more popular because more and more people will take care of their bodies and stop eating Fast Food. Kombucha is made of a black or green tea base with fermented white sugar (SCOBY). SCOBY means symbiotic culture of acetic acid (vinegar) bacteria and yeast.

5. Streaming workouts

In 2019 you are able to follow a live fitness class in your living room. More and more gyms will stream the live courses on the internet during off-peak hours. Additionally, how we mentioned above, more virtual reality workout variants for your home will come up.

We are excited about the new fitness equipment and the products which will improve the health of many.

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