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Training plan

Training plan
for optimal weight loss and muscle growth

woman and man train in the gym


In this training plan, you will find the most effective exercises, which are a Must-have for everybody, who would like to lose weight or build muscles long-term.

Logically, a healthy varied diet is a requirement, that your body gets the nutrients it needs.

This training plan is for women and men suitable.

How it works

This training plan is perfect for beginners because we are going to explain you the exercises in detail that you won´t get any problems with them.

Please keep in mind that you should work out at least three times per week to get the optimal results.

This training plan is no magical script, by which you achieve your goals without work. For everything in life, we have to work, but when we see the results then we are unstoppable:)

We wish you a good training and never give up on your dreams, even if you won´t get the results tomorrow;)


Bench press

Before you start to press, make sure that you have the right position. Set your feeds in a place where you feel strong. Position you right under the bar, for you, it should be easy to lift the bar out. Start with low weight because most people start with too much weight so they do not press with the chest, only with the arms and shoulders. So make sure that you press with the chest and with nothing else! Your elbows are during the whole exercise right under the bar that you don´t lose the balance.

For the beginning do 8 reps for 3 sets. Remember to don´t take longer than a minute rest between the sets. The same is also true for the other exercises.

  • Incline bench press

  • It is generally the same exercise than the first one, but with Incline bench press we train our upper chest. It is fundamental for an aesthetic and well-formed chest. Take a little bit less weight as at the bench press, due to the other angle, by which you train your chest on another way. (you are weaker and especially if you haven´t trained your chest yet than maybe start without weights only with the bar).

    Do 8 reps for 3 sets like the first exercise.

  • Cable cross

  • Our finisher are the cable crosses to stretch our chest to the fullest. This is a little tricky exercise, so maybe you ask someone in your gym that he can show you and help out. Maybe the trainer or your gym buddy. The reason for that is, that you can easily take too much weight and you don´t concentrate on your chest. Most of the people press with the arms and don´t use the full angle.

    It is our last exercise for the chest so you can do 12-15 reps for 2-3 sets.


  • Squats

    Place your feeds shoulder-width that you have a firm state because you could lose easily the balance. Make sure that your back is straight, due to the high risk of injuries. Go the whole way down and press your upper body up. How we mentioned above, make sure that your back is during this exercise straight!!

    You can start with 8 reps for 3 sets or if you´re advanced then you can try 5x5. If it is your first time that you squat, then concentrate on the exercise execution because it is very important to prevent injuries!

  • Leg Press

  • This exercise is generally simple. Just press the weight away from your body. Pay attention, that your legs are straight and don´t extend them straight out!! (risk of injuries) When you start a new rep then go back with your knees as far as possible to your body and press the weight up again.

    Do 8-12 reps for 3 sets.

  • Leg extension

  • We think this exercise is simple so, we don´t explain it in detail. If you have any questions just write us an email:

    We are always happy if we can help you and improve our store day by day.

    This is an exercise to burn out our legs so, do 12-15 reps for 3 sets!

  • Leg curl

  • Here it is the same as above (Leg extension) Just keep in mind that you should curl with your legs without jerky movements.


  • Pull-ups

    Grab the pull-up bar with a shoulder-width grip. Hang to the pullup-bar with straight arms. Pull yourself up and try to push your elbows back (to the back). Go all the way up until your chin passes the bar and go slowly down.

    You can do as much you can, for 3 sets.

  • Barbell rows

  • With this exercise, we train our back thickness to get an aesthetic and well-formed back. The most important thing is, to don´t use too heavy weights! The reason is, that you could easily use your arms to row and not your back. Pull the bar to your stomach and at this point, tense your back to get the best pump and the best results. Most people don´t use their back only their arms and so they can´t profit from this exercise.

    Here it is up to you how much you would like to do, due to the pull-ups. Most people can do 12 and others almost none, due to the first heavy exercise. If you have a great pump in your back and have enough power then you can do 8 reps for 3 sets.

  • Deadlift

  • A lot of people do the deadlifts at the beginning, to lift more often and heavier but the risk of injuries is high so we recommend you to do them at the end. You are warmed up and you got a great pump. Now you can use less weight and you are safer than before.

    This exercise is also an exercise with a high risk of deflection and that leads to injuries. So ask your trainer if he can show you the deadlifts.

    Lift the weight 12 times for 3 sets and your back will burn;)


  • Dumbbell Shoulder press

    We start our shoulder training with a press exercise. Here is the most important thing that your shoulders are in a 90° degree position. Do this exercise in the front of a mirror so you can see if your position is correct or not. It is very important, to don´t lose the imbalance due to the risk of injuries. When your position is correct press the weight up but doesn´t extend your arms straight out, that your shoulders are during the whole exercise under tension. Go slowly down until your shoulders are in the starting position.

    With this exercise, you can train heavier but you should be able to press the weight 5-6 times for 3-5 sets. The shoulder press is also perfect for 5x5.

  • Dumbbell Lateral raises

  • The lateral raises are the perfect exercise for round and aesthetic shoulders. With no other exercise, you can train your lateral shoulders as good as with this exercise. You should pay attention that your arms are not too straight but a little bit angled. Raise your arms slowly up and hold the weight a few seconds before you go slowly down.

    You can do 8-12 reps for 3 sets.

  • Dumbbell Bent over lateral raise

  • With this exercise, we train our rear shoulder. For this exercise bent over a little bit and do this exercise like the normal lateral raises. You should concentrate on the pump in this tiny shoulder muscle.

    For the front shoulder, we don´t do an extra exercise because we train the front shoulder with all the press exercises, like bench press, shoulder press, etc.


    With the exercises above we train our arms too, especially our bicep. For this reason, don´t train your biceps too much. If you would like to do one exercise but after that, you should stop because the bicep is really a small muscle, therefore you don´t need to do three exercises. We noticed that most people train the back and after that, they do two or five and more exercises for the bicep. The reason is, that big arms are a sign of strength. The sad truth is, that when you are natural you will stop your bicep growth with that.

    To train your tricep, you can do two exercises like french press or kickbacks to burn it out, but you should keep in mind that with our chest and shoulder training we have already trained our tricep enough.

    Training plan for a week









    Rest day


    Rest day


    Rest day

    Rest day

    If you prefer to train on a Tuesday instead of Monday it is okay. Just think that you should have enough regeneration time between the training sessions.

    How to split these exercises?

    You can combine the chest training with the shoulder training, the back with the arms and the leg day should be on a single day. This is the common muscle group combination. If you would like to train your whole body on a single day you should do only 1-2 exercises per muscle group and no more.

    Weight loss plan

    If your goal is to lose weight then you can do the same exercises but you should do a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio every day. Doesn´t matter if it is a training day or a rest day.

    Home training

    If you work out at home then you haven´t the equipment and possibilities which you would have in a gym but you can train your body and improve your health the same as in a gym.

    The only thing you need to change are the exercises in this plan and buy a few types of equipment that you can use at home. You can train a few muscle groups without gym equipment but for other muscles, you need for examples dumbbells.

    You can easily train your abs without special equipment. Just do different variants of crunches. If you would like to train your abs with different exercises check out this product. It strengths your core and improves your balance too.

    For your back training, you can do pull-ups in the park or wherever a bar is. Of course, you can buy a bar for your home. The back thickness is a little bit hard to train at home without equipment so we recommend you to buy a barbell with weights for the rows. And if you have a barbell you can do the deadlifts too.

    You can train your chest with this item or you can buy a bench press set (bench, barbell, weights). Otherwise, it is hardly possible to train your chest. Push-ups are a very good exercise for the tricep but for the chest too.

    You can use at the beginning for the shoulder training water bottles or you buy dumbbells.

    At home, we can recommend you to do more exercises for the arms. Here you can use the barbell or dumbbells.

    You can train your legs with the lunges. Optional you can hold weights in your arms to train your forearms and to train your legs with more weight.

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