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Why should you try out the keto diet?

A problem of most people is they would like to lose weight easily and fastly. Most people don´t know that it takes time to achieve the body they want. It takes time, discipline, and work. When all these factors are given, then the weight loss process will start.

woman lose weight with the keto diet

In this article, I'm going to explain why you should try the keto diet and for which people this kind of diet is and isn´t. Additionally, you will find a list of foods which you should eat and which you should avoid.

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What is the "keto diet"?

A keto diet is generally a simple form of the low-carb diet. You eat very few carbs and most of your nutrition is consisting of protein and fat. 

When we say fat, then we mean healthy fat, for example, Omega-3*. How you can eat only healthy fat, we are going to explain to you later.

If you are asking you, how much fat should I eat or how much carbs is the maximum amount then here is the answer. The fat intake should be 70-80% and the carb intake is about 30g (most people eat 30 grams to get the best results). The other percentage is protein.

This composition of the nutrition is the reason, why the keto diet isn´t for everybody the right diet. You need a strong discipline because this kind of low-carb diet only works when you eat no more than 30g of carbs. If you eat too many carbs then the diet doesn´t work because only with this low intake your body will become in the ketosis. 

This diet isn´t for those people which:

  • have diabetes* etc.

  • are breastfeeding

  • or have high blood pressure

doctor and patient with blood pressure equipment

What does it mean "ketosis"?

Ketosis is simple to explain and easy to understand. When your body gets almost no carbs, it will burn fat to energy. Protein is logically for the muscle mass protection. How we said above, if you eat too many carbs, your body will take the carbs to supply your body with power and not the fat. 

On the other site, the big advantage of this diet form in contrast to others is, that the keto diet burns faster fat than every other diet. If you have what it takes to pervade it, then you should try it out.

Here is a list of food, which you should eat:

  • fish

  • (vegetable with low carbs)

  • cheese

  • meat (chicken, beef etc.)

  • eggs

  • nuts

  • berries (like goji berries*) etc.

When you choose your food for your nutrition plan, then think always that you may not eat more than 30g of carbs!

example breakfast in the keto diet. Avocado, berries, nuts and an egg.

Here are the foods which you should avoid:

  • bread

  • noodles

  • fruits (like bananas)

  • sweets

  • alcohol

  • potatoes etc.

different bread as a example of products which you should avoid during a keto diet.

In general, you should avoid everything with a high amount of carbs.

We hope that you know now, what the keto diet is and why you should try it when you haven´t diabetes, high blood pressure or the same.

We wish you the best on your diet and if you like this article feel free to share, tweet or pin it:)

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